We are so happy you are here!  

Justin is an outgoing designer who spends most of his time in the garage/shop working on one of his many amazing designs.  He has a love for fabrication, vintage motorcycles and has a real affinity for developing new ideas.  See some of his latest projects on www.RAEGearUSA.com or www.CJVintage.com just come on back to see the shop.

So what will it be like to stay at the Inn? 

We are unobtrusive but helpful.  Our decor is clean and leans towards minimalism with a touch of historical charm.  We are an Inn- not a bed and breakfast and not a hotel. We aren't as cold and anonymous as a hotel, but we are not as immersed as a traditional bed and breakfast.  

We, most likely, won't be there to check you in and out, we prefer to give you the code and let you set the pace. We set out breakfast items, can get you extra towels, whatever you need if you call us.  But we don't plan a sit down breakfast or decorate the house with tchotchkes (a.k.a collections/trinkets/knickknacks) from time past.

We purposefully give you your privacy and go from there.